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Since 2016, we've been the DMV's go-to company for drainage solutions. We also provide landscaping and other outdoor services. Ask us about these when you schedule an appointment!

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Have Peace of Mind

Is your basement or crawl space leaking? Are you worried that a heavy rainstorm could flood your home? If so, it’s time to call VM Drainage & Erosion Solution LLC. We can help you waterproof your basement or crawl space so that it’s protected from all types of water damage, including floods and leaks. Get assistance from our landscaping company in Manassas, VA, to get started today.

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Boost Your Curb Appeal

We offer top-quality sod and mulch installation services and more. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to create the perfect look for your property, whether it’s a new lawn or a complete overhaul. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish—and we guarantee our work will be top-notch. So if you’re looking for landscapers in Manassas, VA, look no further than us!

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Qualified Tree Company

When a tree inspection uncovers a potential issue – perhaps the tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair – tree removal or tree cutting may be required. We can work with you to safely and efficiently remove your tree. Many tree removals are complex, and mistakes are costly – make sure the arborist you choose is qualified.

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Enjoy Your Outdoors

Whether you want to add an outdoor space for entertaining or want a place to relax with family and friends, we can help you create the perfect outdoor space. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

We’ll start by meeting with you to discuss your ideas and determine the best materials for your project. Once we agree on those details, our team will begin work right away so that you can enjoy your new space as soon as possible!

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Exceptional Service

Reliable Erosion and Landscaping Company in Manassas, VA

Drainage and Landscape Solutions

When you need waterproofing, hardscaping, or tree service in Manassas, VA, turn to our landscaping company for all of your needs.

We have been providing landscaping services for over 10 years and have built a reputation as the premier choice for landscaping and drainage companies in the area. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit any budget or need, from small gardening projects to large residential developments.

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Find Out What Our Clients Think


Lauren B.


Very pleased with VM Drainage. The team installed a french drain along our back and side yard. This solution has greatly improved our previous water issues/soggy backyard and the overlaying rocks look great as well! We also had the team replace a large concrete section of our driveway.During each project, the team was courteous of the property and cleaned up the area well. Leo did a great job on the recommendations and estimates, and provided clear and concise explanations/updates each work day. VM Drainage is very responsive on updates and questions through phone calls or emails (thanks Nathalia and Leo)!Highly recommend for french drain solutions and concrete placement!



Nick C.


I can’t be more positive about my experience with VM. Jose was extremely professional and came up with a drainage solution far superior to others that evaluated my situation. The price was very reasonable and the work was done quickly. I highly recommend them.



Kris L.


We had VM Drainage and Erosion Solutions come to service my property after our yard started to flood during heavy rains. Leo, the estimator, walked me through everything and explained the process thoroughly. After interviewing the other bidders, we selected VM to perform the work. They proposed installing a trenched French drain system with connected downspouts and sump pump discharge. A dry creek bed would be installed to catch any runoff from a hill on our backyard. Two downspouts in front of our home would have pop up drains installed to redirect water away from our driveway and foundation. VM would install flagstone pavers as a walking path around the yard and river stone elsewhere above an erosion control fabric. They drew up a sketch and provided sample photos of their work to help gain HOA approval.The project itself was supposed to take three or four days. Before starting work, Leo walked me through the process and made sure everything was installed according to the project specifications. He made sure I would be satisfied before the project would be considered complete. Leo was in constant contact and could be reached via phone or text. He responded to requests (like moving a pop up drain slightly to ensure it didn’t go onto my neighbor’s property) very quickly.There was an issue during the install that required a repair to our irrigation system that VM could not fix on their own (severed control cable). This delayed the project by about a week or so. VM stayed true to the project, insisted that they would fully pay for the repairs–and they did–and the process was extremely easy. Their staff were excellent, professional, and kept the work area clean and safe throughout. They even installed a couple extra pavers at my request to make it easier to walk onto the drainage area.All in all I was happy to hire them despite the hiccup and would recommend them to others. Simply fantastic job.



Jeff Y.


VM Drainage and Erosion Solution is a company you must consider when you select a contractor for your French Drain, Swale, Downspouts, etc. projects.I talked to and received estimates from three contractors for my French Drain project. After met Jose, VM Drainage’s manager/lead inspector on my property, Jose sent me the VM Drainage and Erosion Solution’s estimate a couple days later via email in a PDF file. I realized the advantage of VM Drainage’s solutions, which contain separate options of French Drain and Swale, as well as Downspouts. The description of each solution is clear, easy to understand, and with a price per option. I later requested pictures for each solution and VM Drainage were glad to provide me. So, what I got were clear options/solutions with all work items, a flat and reasonable price for each solution, and with pictures to visualize the solution.Other contractors will give you a complex pricing structure with a rather long list of handwritten prices of many work items that are not easy to understand and hard to put together the work items you want.VM Drainage’s crew came out on time, started working, and were not wasting anytime. With less than two days, my French Drain is in shape and then completed. The work quality is the best from what I have reviewed online at various websites. After my French Drain was done, the crew put grass/seeds in, and cleaned up the surrounding of the French Drain nicely.Because they did such a great job, I asked Jose to elevate and fixed my pathway from driveway to front door and they got it done and pathway looks much better and very nice.After all work completed, Jose came and walked through/inspected everything with me. He found that the driveway has a bit of residual dry mud. He brought the crewed back the next day and washed of the mud and cleaned the driveway.What a group of nice, honest, hardworking people! I don’t think my review here did the justice for VM Drainage, leader Jose, the crew, the quality work, and the beautiful French Drain that we wanted.We would recommend VM Drainage and Erosion Solution! You got to check them out and you will be glad like me!



Steve W.


I’ve now used VM Drainage twice for two different homes. Both times we used them they have delivered fantastic results. Jose has a deep understanding of waterproofing basements and I can confidently say their process works. Their team is very professional and works quickly to get the job done. The next time I’m faced with a drainage issue the first company I’m going to call is VM Drainage!



Patrick B.


I was very pleased with the communication, quality and value of VM Drainage & Erosion Control. They installed a French drain and down spout drain in my back property. Jose is an expert and came up with a creative solution to address my need, including minimizing risk to trees, digging the drain under my deck and connecting the drain to a down spout and sump pump drain. Price was competitive and fair. As a bonus he connected me with a plumber to replace my water heater. Highly recommended!



J R.


VM Drainage completed a large project on a stream in my front yard. The project became more extensive than expected but they seemed to be able to increase personnel as needed to get the work done. I would not say they were cheap but I thought the price was fair and I know they worked hard.



D K.


We have had severe stormwater runoff flooding issues on our property due to the topography and other factors, that was insufficiently addressed by a 20+ foot 6″ drain pipe that could not handle the runoff volume. VM Drainage was wonderful to work with from start to finish, gave a reasonable price and helped me determine the most cost effective solution (2 additional 6″ pipes and one with a drain basin), and ended up doing really excellent work that involved digging a trench, breaking up concrete, adding 2 pipes, pouring new cement, adding earthwork, and laying down riverjack. In particular Leo was great to work with and the team on-site addressed some comments and gave me a superb finished project that we expect (fingers crossed) will solve our drainage problem and also looks great.



Carmen M.


We brought on the VM drainage team to replace a terrible old paver foundation in the shed corner of the property. They listened to our concerns with the area (not leveled, muddy) and proposed a gravel square where we can set the new shed with hard base. The estimate was thorough and fair. We were asked how many of the old materials we wanted to salvage and the VM drainage team proposed ideas for how to use the salvaged materials within this project elsewhere on the property. The end product is exactly as they promised. They placed decorative stones around the base to help with drainage and installed a discreet French drain underneath to channel water away from the area. Very pleased with the look of the end result. The crew that handled the project took feedback well and were dedicated to finishing even after a problem with what they found underneath the old pavers arose. Would definitely recommend for various drainage and landscaping projects.



Bob P.


Our home is a 60-year-old ranch that had been developing water infiltration issues in the basement over the past couple years. The water issues included: damp basement walls; efflorescence residue on basement walls; occasional water seepage along the basement wall/floor interface; foundation drain water backup during heavy rains; minor basement wall cracks, and soil subsidence in areas around the house perimeter. We decided to identify a contractor that could best address these issues before they became problems. Knowing that the project would be quite extensive we contacted a number of water proofing contractors to access the existing conditions, make recommendations, and provide proposals. All of the contractors contacted agreed that preventative measures needed to be taken but provided different approaches in their proposals on how to remedy the water infiltration issue and at varying costs.After careful review of all of the estimates we found that VM Drainage & Erosion Solutions’ proposal, completed by Mr. Jose Montalvo was the best at addressing and fixing the underlying problem at the source on the outside of the house, the most cost effective, and provided the most value added. Jose’s proposal was well written and by far the most detailed and comprehensive when compared to all of the other submissions. Broken down into stand-alone work elements with associated costs, Jose’s proposal was also broad in scope covering the electrical and HVAC sub-tasks associated with the project as well as landscaping and hardscaping options not covered or addressed in other proposals.VM Drainage & Erosion Solutions started the project on schedule with site prep, equipment and materials staging. The construction crew would arrive on time, conduct themselves in a professional manner, were well organized, and respectful of the neighborhood. The site (yard) was kept clean, well-organized, and materials, refuse, and equipment would be delivered/removed in a timely fashion. Daily crew size would vary depending on the task at hand. Large crews during major site work to minimize unavoidable disruptions during large excavation work and smaller crews during finish work. Excellent balance of crew size and requisite site work. It was obvious that this team, under Jose’s leadership has worked together many years based on the well-choreographed and seamless manner with which they worked. I was impressed at how focused the team was on delivering a quality product. In addition to ensuring that all construction activities were conducted in accordance with standard industry practice, minor details would receive as much attention as the major construction activities. The entire team obviously takes pride in their craft and are focused on providing superior quality service.It should be noted that during the excavation of the perimeter of the house breeches in the existing water proofing were clearly visible when the exterior walls were exposed and the foundation drain was found to be 100 percent blocked. These conditions were entirely consistent with Jose’s assessment made during his initial survey and a testament to his knowledge and understanding of foundation and water management issues.Having experience in overseeing and managing numerous construction projects and working with large and small construction contractors throughout the course of my career I have found VM Drainage & Erosion Solutions to be a truly exceptional contractor. Being a family-owned business, I found them to be extremely responsive and agile while also having the wherewithal and capacity to bring the requisite resources to manage and execute a large project. I cannot express how pleased we are with the quality and breadth of their work and plan on using their services to install a new concrete/flagstone driveway. It was truly a delight to have had the opportunity to work with Jose and his team and look forward to working with him again this spring.



Jacob S.


VM Drainage help us with fixing a humidity problem in our garage. They were booked out more than two months but said they would try to fit us in on a Sunday. They ended up being able to come much earlier than expected and knocked out the job in a day. One thing that set them apart from the other drainage companies we contacted was they were full service. The job required the removal of patio pavers and unlike the others they put the pavers back when they were done. Their price was fair and their work was solid. I will definitely cal them again for my next drainage or erosion project.



Paul W.


I contracted VM Drainage to resolve a drainage problem in my yard. Rain water was settling in one section of my yard and when that area filled the additional precipitation would run down the side yard washing away lawn and soil. I tried a several home center solutions, but they were inadequate. VM Drainage proposed a combination of surface catch basins, an open French drain, covered French drain, and an underground pipe to a safe location for the water to run off. It was a complex solution that was competitively priced. I received a clear contract, the job was completed on time, and VM Drainage had sufficient staff on site to complete the job. I highly recommend VM Drainage.